Why Inline Communications INC?

Specializing in telecommunication solutions for over 20 years, Roman and his team integrate cutting edge technology, advanced support and personalized service to help your meet your communication needs. We start off with an in-depth analysis of your business – what you have, what you need and what you want! Then, we provide solutions for direct, multi and call centre needs that reflect exponential savings per year. We specialize in VoIP, hands down the most accessible and affordable way to integrate your voice and data needs. With VoIP, you can bring all of your offices and roadmen together, no matter the area code, without the hassle and worry of long distance. With services like enhanced voice mail, call forwarding, twinning and hunting, and fax to email, Inline Communications dedicates their solutions to exceeding your needs.

We work closely with telecommunication powerhouses like Digium – the Asterisk Company, and Avaya to not only bring you the best hardware and software, but top of the line technical support and the know-how to get the most out of your service. You’ve got so many options to choose from – Avaya IP Office, SwitchVox, Hosted PBX. To top it off, the features are unparalleled. Call twinning/forwarding, complete call info right to your desktop, fax to e-mail – with features like these, you can ensure business stays business as usual where ever and when ever.

What more could you want? How about enhanced, customizable voice mail capabilities like automated attendant, multiple greetings, real time transfer and notification for when you’ve got to be everywhere except for your desk. And for the days when you’re in the office taking care of business, we suggest services like “Screen Pop” – to give you all incoming call details before you answer, direct out-dial from your desktop and call monitoring.

The benefit is in the savings. Our studies have reflected exponential among our clients, and alongside our outstanding service, our leading digital technology is simple to update and repair. Thanks to our knowledgeable team of specialists, we provide you with in depth analysis of your current financial communication standing and, if you qualify, complete analysis of the savings we can offer you through our unified communications solutions. It’s as easy as giving us a call or sending us an e-mail.  The future of your business is in your hands; put the future of your communication needs in ours. Providing innovative communication solutions to keep your bottom line Inline.