Bringing Mobility to Workplace Communications

The Link Wireless Telephone SystemSystem Overview

The Link Wireless Telephone System™ (Link WTS) is the most advanced workplace wireless telephone system available. It is SpectraLink’s fourth generation system and the result of our ongoing commitment to meeting the unique requirements of mobile communications in the workplace.

The Link WTS combines SpectraLink’s sophisticated VoicePlus™ radio technology – the most advanced in the industry – and the highest level of integration with enterprise telephone switching and networking systems to provide the best voice quality consistently throughout any size and type of facility.

The Link WTS requires minimal training, maintenance and administration. These six-ounce Wireless Telephones are extremely simple to use and durable enough to withstand the rigors of workplace usage.

The integration capabilities, superior radio performance, and scalable architecture of the Link WTS make it the most feature-rich, yet cost-effective, system available.


  • Integrates seamlessly with the best-selling digital telephone systems
  • Unified, scalable architecture grows with your business
  • Advanced digital radio technology provides consistent, high-quality communications
  • Lightweight, durable Wireless Telephones specifically designed for the workplace
  • Unlicensed operation eliminates airtime, usage, and recurring charges
Link System ComponentsMaster Control Unit

The Link Master Control Unit (MCU) is a modular unit that connects the host telephone switch to the Wireless Telephone System using digital and/or analog line interfaces. SpectraLink’s exclusive LinkPlus™ digital interface technology emulates proprietary digital telephone sets, making advanced switch features, such as multiple line appearances and display features, available to Wireless Telephone users.

Base Stations

The Link Base Stations are fixed transceivers that provide radio coverage throughout the workplace. They are small and lightweight, and can be installed inconspicuously in a variety of locations. SpectraLink’s superior radio performance eliminates “dead spots” – areas with poor coverage – by providing generous overlap between Base Station coverage areas.

Wireless Telephones

The Link Wireless Telephone is the industry’s most durable and feature-rich handset for workplace applications. It is specifically designed to meet the requirements of mobile workplace communications.

LinkPlus Digital Switch Integration

For SpectraLink Wireless Telephone Systems

SpectraLink offers the only workplace wireless systems that support digital station interfaces to a wide variety of PBX ad key telephone systems. SpectraLink’s exclusive LinkPlus™ technology implements digital interfaces by emulating proprietary digital telephone sets, making switch features available to Wireless Telephone users without requiring any switch upgrades or enhancements.Benefits

LinkPlus maximizes the utility and value of a SpectraLink Wireless Telephone System (WTS) by putting more functionality in the user’s handset -at no additional cost. Nearly all the features and capabilities of display desksets are made available in SpectraLink’s lightweight, durable Wireless Telephone. Mobile workers have the ability to screen calls, access multiple lines, and use switch features that are only available through digital telephone sets, resulting in increased productivity and time saved.


LinkPlus is SpectraLink’s unique technology that allows the WTS to connect to the host PBX or key system sing the same digital station ports that are used for digital wired telephone sets. For each type of PBX or key system, the WTS emulates all the codec, display, control, and signaling functions of a specific proprietary digital telephone set. By emulating popular digital telephone sets, LinkPlus is compatible with most legacy switches as well as those installed today. In addition, the existing host switch administration interface s used to provision and administer the Wireless Telephones by using templates and configuration tools already available for the emulated telephone set.

ApplicationsMobile workers get more out of their Wireless Telephones when a LinkPlus digital interface is used in the following industries:

Healthcare – Caller identification and multiple line appearances are critical for healthcare workers. The ability to screen incoming calls reduces interruptions while allowing important and necessary calls to be taken. Wireless Telephones can be configured with second or third line appearances to ensure that critical calls are always received, even if the user is already talking on the phone.

Retail Stores – Retailers traditionally use key telephone systems that provide access to several outside lines from the store’s telephones. Using LinkPlus, store employees can pick up any outside line that has been answered and put on hold. The Wireless Telephone displays line status, so managers and employees can view which lines are in use, on hold, and available for calls.

Manufacturing – Managers and emergency response team members can have a dedicated “hotline’ extension on their Wireless Telephones to make sure that they can be reached in an emergency – even if they’re already talking on the phone. Supervisors can see who’s calling and decide whether or not to take a call during a meeting, minimizing disruptions.

Education – Teachers and administrators can screen incoming calls, eliminating delays and communication breakdowns that occur when important calls go to voice mail. Principals, security, and maintenance personnel can always be reached when they have a second line on their Wireless Telephone.


The LinkPlus digital interface delivers the following features to the Wireless Telephone users:

  • Calling party name display for inside and outside calls (depending on host switch capabilities)
  • Message waiting indication
  • Multiple line or extension appearances
  • Line status display
  • Handset feature programming using existing switch administration interface
  • Backward and forward compatibility with host telephone switch
  • Programmable handset feature menu display