System Overview

The NetLink system consists of up to three of the following components: NetLink Telephony Gateway, NetLink SVP Server, and NetLink Wireless Telephone. A NetLink Telephony Gateway is required only for conections to a legacy PBX. Interfaces to current and future IP PBXs do not require a gateway.

The NetLink Telephony Gateway is connected to analog or digital station ports within the facility’s telephone switch. When a call destined for a NetLink Wireless Telephone is received, the NetLink Telephony Gateway converts the PBX call to Internet Protocol (IP) packets and sends them out over the customer’s 802.11b wireless LAN. The NetLink Wireless Telephone then receives the voice packets and assembles the conversation while maintaining excellent voice quality. Voice quality is the main function of the NetLink SVP Server. SpectraLink Voice Priority (SVP) ensures that voice packets have priority over data packets on the wireless network.


NetLink is the wireless LAN convergence system for legacy PBX systems and enterprise voice over IP (VoIP) networks. The system is highly flexible and scalable to provide wireless VoIP in almost any customer situation.

Compatible with industry-standard 802.11b networksThe NetLink system utilizes a standard 802.11b wireless LAN, allowing converged voice and data on a single wireless infrastructure. Both direct sequence and frequency hopping 802.11 technologies are supported.

End-to-end IP telephony solution

NetLink Wireless Telephones support enterprise IP telephony protocols, including H.323 and Cisco’s Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP), providing the highest level of functionality. NetLink Wireless Telephones offer most of the same features and capabilities as wired IP desk sets.

Digital Interfaces for most popular legacy PBX telephone systemsThe NetLink system interfaces digitally with most legacy PBX switch platforms, delivering most of the features and functions of a digital deskset to the NetLink Wireless Telephones. Customers that plan to remain with a legacy PBX platform can continue to take advantage of the proven reliability of their existing telephone system.

Global Solution

NetLink Wireless Telephones use the 802.11b international standard, providing a global wireless solution for IP-enabled enterprises. Access points from nearly all leading wireless LAN providers can be used with NetLink Wireless Telephones.