System Overview



The Link WTS is a dedicated voice system, providing the highest level of reliability with minimal administration and maintenance. More enterprises in the U.S. have chosen the Link WTS than any other wireless system available.

The Link Wireless Telephone System consists of three components: the Master Control Unit (MCU), Base Stations, and Wireless Telephone. The Master Control Unit is connected to analog or digital station ports on the facility telephone switch. When a call destined for a Wireless Telephone is received, the MCU sends the incoming call out to the Wireless Telephone through SpectraLink’s overlapping network of Base Stations strategically located throughout the facility. The Base Station receiving the call provides the wireless radio connection to the appropriate Wireless Telephone.


Scalable architecture for up to 3200 users
The Link WTS is ideal for any size of application, from retail stores to large corporate campuses, and SpectraLink guarantees comprehensive coverage throughout your facility.

Most cost effective wireless voice solutions
Our LinkPlus technology allows the system to digitally interface with most telephone switch platforms, leveraging the investment already made in the facility’s PBX. Spread spectrum radio technology using the unlicensed 902-928 MHz band provides the best in-building performance, simplifying installation and maintenance.

High-density call center support
The Link WTS supports high-density applications such as call centers, convention centers, and trading floors. No workplace wireless system available can match the density of the Link WTS.