Engenius SN-920 Ultra

The popular SN-920 ULTRA Industrial Cordless Phone System package provides long-range cordless phone operation within demanding business environments.

The SN-920 ULTRA is the ideal package for anyone that requires mobility any telephone access. This expandable system can be part of an EnGenius SN-920 ULTRA system of up to four phone lines (four base units) and 36 handsets. An operational external antenna (SN-920 ULTRA-AK) makes effective outdoor cordless phone operation a viable resource for industrial parks, construction sites, auto dealers or other demanding campus environments.

This system is also two-way radio compatible (additional handsets required for two-way communication).

Package Includes:

(1) Handset SN-920 ULTRA-HS
(1) Base Unit SN-920-BU
(1) Battery Pack SN-920 ULTRA-BA
(1) Long (2 db) Handset Antenna SN-920 HS-A1
(1) Short Handset Antenna SN-920 HS-A2
(1) Handset Charging Cradle SN-920 ULTRA-CH