Redial Function


Guess what? We’ve done the calculations for you!! By using the redial function you can save up to 4 hours a day!! Let’s say you’re a crazy dialer, in 60 seconds you’ll be able to dial 20 numbers (that’s if you’re fast enough as well as always press the right buttons to dial the correct number otherwise you’ll get the wrong number!)But if you choose to use the redial option, guess what? You’ve just doubled your outgoing calls by 20. Yes that’s right!! 20! By simply using the redial function you can dial more than 40 numbers in 60 seconds! So now that you’re saving 4 hours a day on dialing – which gives you 20 hours a week – which gives you 80 hours a month- which gives you 960 hours a year if you divide that by 24 hours you just gave yourself an extra 40 days of vacation!!! J Don’t forget to let your superiors know that this year you’ll be taking an extra 40 days of vacation sinc you’re about to master the redial function!

Going forward, there are many great functions that come with the UNIVERGE SV8100 that people seem to miss out on; one of them is the redial function. The redial function seems like a simple function that most people would be able to take advantage of but never seem to do so. The redial  function; speeds up your work pace, allows you to focus on the task at hand instead of trying to remember phone numbers and it memorizes the last 10 numbers you have dialed. It enables you to cycle through the last 10 numbers dialed and allows you to speed dial the number you choose for an easier, faster and simpler way to dial out!


How to redial:

  1. Press the left Navigation key- REDIAL [#]/ SYS is displayed along with the last dialed number
  2. Press the up or down arrow to view the number to dial
  3. Press # or press SPEAKER or lift the handset