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This phone system is designed for Small Business needs in mind

Main benefits of using TalkSwitch for your business:


Examples of Common Sizes:

2 Lines – 4 Extensions 4 Lines – 16 Extensions
2 Lines – 8 Extensions 6 Lines – 12 Extensions
2 lines – 12 Extensions 6 Lines – 16 Extensions
4 lines – 8 Extensions 8 lines – 16 Extensions
4 lines – 12 Extensions 8 lines – 20 Extensions

Note: Many other configurations available

Plain Analogue Phone Compatible:

Connect and use your existing analogue phones if desired or upgrade to full range of professional business phones with LCD Display and Speaker.

VoIP Compatible:

Connect up to 64 Standard SIP (VoIP) Telephones.
These are the phones that are connected via your existing Local Area Network.
Connect up to 64 SIP based Soft Phones.
These are the phones that run directly on your PC – all you need is USB Headset for talking.
Connect up to 16 SIP based VoIP Lines from selected ITSP.
Ability to take advantage of cheaper Long Distance rates as well as local phone numbers in different cities around the world. Can also connect offices or remote employees together via dedicated VoIP connection.

Fax Compatible:

Use Automated Fax Detection to connect and share Fax Machines with other analogue lines.

Full Featured Automated Attendant with minimum 24 Mailboxes included with all the systems:

Automated Attendant and Voicemail are included with each system.

Voice Mail to E-mail:

Receive voicemail messages with your e-mail – no need to call for your messages – they’ll come to you.

Ability to transfer incoming calls to cell phone – real time:

You can even transfer calls back from the cell to another co-worker in the office.

Music on Hold:

Connect Radio, Your own Message on Hold player or import wave file directly into the system.

Paging output:

Ability to connect to overhead paging systems for the warehouse.
Can also use paging through TalkSwitch handsets.

Call Detail Reporting:

Ability to obtain a report on all your incoming and outgoing calls – standard with system.

PC Based Auto Attendant:

Answer and Transfer all incoming calls directly from your PC.
View status of all lines and extensions, and incoming calls in queue.
Send Instant Messages to co-workers internally.
See screenshot below:

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Conventional Digital Phone Systems



Call Display Usually an extra charge for additional hardware Call Display Included on all systems No extra Charge
Ability to Connect Standard VoIP
Based Phones
Big manufacturers support only their own proprietary VoIP phones You can connect any SIP Phone, if you configure the buttons yourself. Full feature and configuration support for popular phones like Polycom 301, 430, 501, 601. Choose your best phone based on functionality and budget
Support for Standard VoIP Based Phone Lines Most larger manufacturer’s make it hard and expensive to connect VoIP (SIP) based lines to their systems With TalkSwitch, you can easily choose how many conventional analogue lines and how many VoIP (SIP) lines you need at a low cost. Model “244VS” gives you 2 analogue lines and 4 VoIP (SIP) lines. Use inexpensive VoIP / SIP based lines to save money on long distance costs, connect remote offices and employees and regular analogue phone lines – with the same system.
Support for Proprietary Phones All manufacturers allow you to use their proprietary model only, no mix and match of your own phones TalkSwitch has proprietary phones as well, but you can also use your current analogue or SIP based phone. Save on the cost of the phones. Use what you have now and add on later as you grow.
Real time Transfer to Cell Phones Slowly becoming optional feature, but with very limited abilities External cell phones are treated same as internal extensions. You can answer/transfer/put on hold all your incoming calls as if you were in the office, directly from your cell phone Save Huge on dedicated office staff. Multi-task and never miss important calls. Customers can call one number instead of hanging up and calling a cell phone.
Multiple office networking Available, but adds $5000 per location to your budget just for this feature to be an option Can connect up to 4 TalkSwitch units on your LAN automatically.  Easily and low cost addition of VoIP trunks to connect to other offices, and remote employees. Save Huge on connecting multiple offices together and long distance charges. Start with a small system and expand as you need.
Voice Mail to E-mail Usually charged as extra feature. Comes Free with every TalkSwitch Never miss the voice mail message. Save important messages on your computer or PDA.
PC Based Attendant Console Available on per seat based license Available for flat one time per office fee – available to all extensions connected in that office for no additional cost. Save Huge and Manage calls with PC.
Size and Capacity Usually these systems are designed for larger businesses – thus easier to handle larger companies with 100 to 1000 employees TalkSwitch current capacity is 32 local Lines and 64 Extensions Including VoIP based extensions and Lines TalkSwitch is designed to be suitable for businesses up to 64 extensions. Very cost effective.
Typical Price for 4 Lines, 8 Extensions, 4 VoIP based Lines, + Voice Mail. No Phones $6,500.00 $1975 minus introductory 10% discount for MBOT Members Only= $1777.50 $4722.50 savings

Now with these savings you can invest in top of the line phones, but only if you want to.

Typical Price for standard display telephone $225 $165 minus introductory 10% offer discount MBOT Members Only = $148.50 $76.50 savings per phone
Typical Price for 24 Mailboxes Voice Mail $1,500 Free – it comes included with every system. $1500 Savings