Jabra wired mono headset is designed as a cost-efficient option for call centers of all sizes that delivers professional performance, quality and exceptional value. It is a flexible option that will suit your IT environment and the needs of your users, with both mono and duo options, and a USB connector version. You get a more professional call center environment, as the noise cancelling-microphone ensures that background noise from your work environment will not be transmitted to your customers’ ears.

The Jabra wired mono headset has multiple adjustment points make it truly adaptable to individual preferences. Its headband wearing style combined with a lightweight design ensures all-day comfort – even in very call intensive environments. The leatherette cushions have an elevated outer ring for added comfort and deliver an exceptional user experience

Key Features:
– A cost-effective corded headset for call centers
– Compatible with most phone systems and amplifiers
– Easy installation with a Quick Disconnect (QD) plug
– An ergonomic option with a lightweight design and comfortable ear cushions
– Specially designed for telephones with modular Headset jacks built-in the telephone. (marked with the word “headset” or have a symbol of a headset).
– Designed throughout for telephone-intensive use, Jabra wired mono headset is exceptionally durable. And at less than 45 g/1.6 oz (mono), it’s still comfortable for all day use.
– Great sound quality with traditional, narrowband phone systems.
– Comfortable, yet sturdy materials provide professional quality and a good user experience.
– Noise-cancelling microphone filters out unwanted background noise, making it ideal for use in louder work environments.
– Flexible adjustment to the ear for optimal coupling resulting in exceptional audio sound.
– Acoustic shock protection against sudden, loud noises.
– Boom arm with 270° rotation Flexibility to ensure optimal microphone positioning. 270 degree movement in both directions supports left and right wearing styles.
– The flexible tip of the boom arm ensures ideal microphone placement.
– Future-proof design Future-proof design lets users upgrade from traditional desk telephony to IP hard phones.