Powerware PW9130 1500VA Rack Mountable UPS







The Eaton 9130 Rackmount UPS delivers online power quality and scalable battery runtimes for rack servers, voice and data networks, storage systems and other IT equipment. With an efficiency rating of >95%, the 9130 UPS cuts energy costs while packing up to three kVA of power into only 2U of rack space. The 9130 UPS significantly extends battery service life with ABM technology and also has a bright LCD user interface to simplify monitoring.

Compared to our competitors, the 9130 offers:

  • Online, double-conversion
  • A higher output power for better compatibility with next generation servers and blade servers
  • An intuitive LCD that offers better real-time information
  • Higher efficiency for reduced cost of ownership
  • ABM technology which monitors battery conditions and eliminates over-charging

Features and benefits

  • Cuts energy usage and costs with >95% efficiency rating in high efficiency mode
  • Conserves valuable rack space with 2U form factor that includes internal batteries and a 4-post rail kit
  • Provides more real power (watts) to protect more equipment and leave room for expanding IT systems with a 0.9 power factor
  • Simplifies UPS monitoring and management with a bright LCD user interface, intuitive power management software and optional eNotify Remote Monitoring service
  • Increases battery service life and system uptime with ABM battery-charging technology and hot-swappable batteries
  • Maximizes runtimes with optional extended battery modules

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