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Would it make you happy, if your PC would run the same way – fast, responsive, stable, dependable, uncluttered and quite – as when you first got it?

We thought so, that is why we introducing new PC Maintenance service for your
desktops, laptops and workstations called “SAME AS NEW”

We are offering you an Initial Complete Diagnostic for a special price of $29.99 per PC, where we will:

  1. Completely diagnose each individual PC in your office.
  2. Provide complete written inventory of all the components in your PC (in case you ever need to replace or add hardware)
  3. Provide detail written report on all memory used or unused
  4. Provide detail written report on any unsafe software running on your PC (virus, spyware, malware)
  5. Provide detail written report on overall health of your PC including operating temperatures

After the proper diagnostics performed you will have a choice of two solutions

  1. Same as New – Labour only – $69
  2. Better then New – Labour and hardware – will provide written Quote for individual PC
  • 100% Confidentiality Guaranteed!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Following is the 15 Point Initial Comprehensive Diagnostic:

  1. Check the physical state of PC – dust and dirt (Dust mostly inside sitting on components which absorbs moisture from the air and may cause technical issues)
  2. System error messages check up, what issues they are related to (a good system prevention)
  3. Registry errors check up (speed up the internal system)
  4. Virus and Spyware scan (helps to protect your OS and important data)
  5. Hard drive space volume check up (very important to prevent OS crash or data loss)
  6. Hard drive fragmentation scan (Defragmentation increases access speed by rearranging files stored on your hard drive)
  7. Overheating on CPU‘s, GPU’s and Hard drives (this part also helps regarding to speed and reliability)
  8. Missing operating system updates check up (helps to secure your OS and files)
  9. Scan for bad/defective RAM (very important part to prevent data loss and unwanted blue screens)
  10. Reliability check up (it is important to know what application is corrupted or what is causing crashes)
  11. Stress Test (important test to find out what component may easily fail during a task)
  12. Unnecessary startup programs check up (this process is very important to keep the OS start up free from unnecessary programs, that way the PC will run faster and reliable)
  13. Special system setting to make the system work more quicker (speed up internal processing)
  14. Graphic card diagnostic (this is important to see if your graphic card is reliable and fan/s are running properly)
  15. Fan noise and lifetime diagnostic – CPU, GPU, case and Chipset fans (important part to prevent hardware failure during your work process in case fan failure)

Don’t suffer any more, get your PC “flying” again by booking your appointment with us today

Limited Time Offer Valid until June 14th 2013

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Call today (416) 410-4654 to schedule your PC diagnostic or

Schedule your diagnostic online today!

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