Multi-use connectivity – Use one headset for 3 purposes:

  1. Desk Phone
  2. Cell Phone
  3. PC Phone (Replaces your computer speakers and microphone) for Webinars or just to have privacy when listening to a content from your PC.

Other amazing features:

  1. Base with the Touch Screen for selecting different modes and choices of the headset
  2. Wizard, that guides you from the first time you plug in your headset
  3. A dual microphone Noise BlackoutTM system with advanced Digital Signal Processing practically eliminates all background noise, so your voice can always be heard clearly.
  4. Wideband sound (150 Hz – 6,800 Hz) – More base and more trebles.
  5. Up to 150m wireless range – (495 Feet) – depending on obstacles between the headset and the headset base
  6. Three wearing styles: Earhook, Headband, Neckband.
  7. Up to 10 hours of talk time

Images of Jabra PRO 9400 Headset – Fully Dressed

jabra pro dect


 Base with the Charger on the left and Touch Screen on the right

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 Close Look with the Ear-hook

Headset Jabra PRO 9470 Close Look with the Earhook

Remote Headset Lifter

jabra gn1000 lifter resized 600

Jabra Remote Handset Lifter GN1000

Go to Interactive Virtual Tour of Jabra 9470

Jabra 9470 Interactive Virtual Tour