Inline VoIP/SIP – What You Need to Know


One part e-mail, two parts conference calls, equal parts voice mail and a dash of follow-up – we love giving you the low-down  on unified communication solutions that are going to not only sky rocket your productivity but bring all the information you could possibly need to one spot. You know about SwitchVox, Avaya’s got some great stuff happening and the newest NEC system is really one for the books but what’s all behind it?

The hushed talk of the rise of digital communication is growing louder by the day and corporations are taking their communications to the next level. A technology that not only provides better quality of calls, but a feature rich hotspot of communication to change the way you communicate. That sounds alright, doesn’t it? Inline Communications has been a leader in digital based communications and continues to provide exceptional service on this revolutionary platform – VoIP.

Voice over Internet Protocol is internet based digital telephony, turning analog audio signals into digital data transmitted effortlessly.  We have in-house consultants boasting experience from multiple successful installations to recommend the best product for your company after we have completed our detailed audit. We have extensive experience in various ATA (analog telephone adaptor) brands and capabilities, IP phones, even computer to computer telephony. To make that functionality even more appealing, there are a handful of desktop applications that can set your laptop up as a soft phone, connected to your internet connection. From this application, you can make local or long distance calls, you can even get your desk-bound calls sent to your soft phone. They key to this technology is truly mobility. VoIP/SIP’s overall goal is to keep you in touch on all levels but still on the move.

Our secure, reliable and private SIP trunks provide hi-quality service and eliminate the extra telephone bill at the end of the month. Our studies reflect savings across the board – some savings have reflected upwards of $1200 annually. The return on investment can be seen after the first month of usage, but is best demonstrated when looking at the big picture by switching to VoIP/SIP trunks. Our services boast features like visual voice mail, call forwarding and queuing, call recording and accounting and smart call routing.

The very base of your next communications solutions will be VoIP based, and Inline has everything you could possibly need to upgrade and push forward. We have experienced programmers and technician to help during and post-installation, and an exceptional and reliable support system.

All you have to do is request a free quote – contact us and we will prepare a no-obligation savings audit – showing you exactly your return on investment by comparing your current costs with our competitive pricing.