Thales Contact Solutions, formerly Racal Recorders, is a market leading developer and distributor of customer facing technology. Thales Contact Solutions offers contact management and voice recording solutions to the call centre, public safety and wholesale trading markets, with a growth strategy focused on a continued concentration on these three core markets.

Mirra Series 2

Mirra Series 2 is a compact, high technology, networked voice recording solution which offers sophisticated functionality that is cost effective and easy to use. Mirra is optimized for small to medium organizations or large distributed enterprises wishing to record and replay any radio, fax or telephone communications, easily and reliably.

    Mirra Series 2 is controlled through an intuitive Windows application, which requiresa minimum of training.
    The only maintenance required is to change the disks when they fill up and to clean the drives once a year.
    media gives instant access to any call, can store up to 650 channel hours per side and can be re-writtenup to a thousand times! The Mirra Series 2 dual disk option provides up to 1,300 hours of continuousunattended recording.
    Search by channel, date, time, duration, CLI or dialed number, then just click on the call that you want and listen to it replayed through the PC, the phone or speakers attached to the Mirra.
    Mirra uses a real-time operating system to give enhanced speed and reliability. There is no hard disk, which means no crashes or data corruption. Even if the power fails, Mirra reboots and starts recording in less than 15 seconds!
    Two Mirras can be connected in a Master/Slave configuration to provide a backup recording should the master recorder fail.
    In addition to analogue connections, Mirra Series 2 can connect directly to proprietary digital lines from many ofthe most popular PBXs including:
    Avaya, Ericsson, Nortel, NEC, BT, Alcatel, Aspect, Siemens, Bosch and Toshiba.
    Mirra Series 2 can record up to 32 channels and can be stacked together to offer complete expansion and future proofing.

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Wordnet Series 2

The industry’s leading digital recorder just got even better! With more channel capacity. More functionality. More on-line storage. And a great deal more versatility and flexibility.

Wordnet Series 2 is designed from the ground up for the most demanding non-stop, mission critical recording. In large call centres. In financial organisations. In public safety. Anywhere utmost reliability, ease of management, scalability and seamless integration are priorities. In stand-alone applications, and as part of big systems, Wordnet Series 2 sets the standard for resilience and functionality. Making search, retrieval and playback faster and more precise. It works at the system level with all leading telecommunications and call centre platforms. And through our network of partnerships and alliances, Wordnet Series 2 can get the most out of your telephone system. Best of all, it makes all these powerful facilities easily accessible to users. Either through its own built-in graphical interface, or through the companion Wordnet Series 2 workstation PC package. Now world-class recording doesn’t necessarily demand world-class skills to get the most out of it.

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