Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset

The lightweight and versatile Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset delivers all-day wearing comfort, clearer voice transmission, and superior sound quality. With exclusive Multipoint Technology, your headset seamlessly transforms into a powerful communication solution for up to two Bluetooth devices.

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Pulsar 590

The Plantronics Pulsar 590 Series Bluetooth Stereo Headset delivers ultimate wireless freedom. Make calls and enjoy wireless stereo listening on laptops, PC’s, TV’s, DVD and MP3 players.

  • Up to 12 hours talk time and up to 10 hours audio listening time
  • High fidelity stereo sound for superior audio performance
  • Universal adapter plugs directly into most 3.5mm audio devices
  • Seamlessly switch between calls and music listening
  • Telescoping voicetube provides clear calls and discreet conversations
  • Foldable headset design for convenient travel and compact storage
  • Adjustable headband and pillow-soft ear cushions for superior fit and wearing comfort

 590.pdf 380kb

Explorer 320

The Plantronics Explorer 320 Bluetooth Headset is affordable and easy-to-use with one button controls.

  • Simple one-touch button controls volume, call answer/end, last number redial and voice activated dialing
  • Small, lightweight classic design for either ear
  • Up to 8 hours continuous talk time with rechargeable battery

 320.pdf 378kb

Discovery 640

The Plantronics Discovery 640 Bluetooth Headset is an innovative wireless headset sets the standard in style, comfort and convenience.

  • Pocket charger delivers up to 15 hours of talk time
  • Small, lightweight classic design for either ear
  • Ultra-light, wireless design with chrome finish carrying case
  • Vibrate ring in charging pocket, last number redial and voice dialing

 640.pdf 361kb

Bluetooth Headsets: Jabra

SP 500

The Jabra SP500 is a palm-sized Bluetooth speakerphone with digital sound enhancement, which gives you crystal clear sound and true ease-of-use through it’s intelligent and advanced features.

  • Includes a suction mount for your windshield, clip for your sun visor and car charger for instant charging on the road
  • It has a sleek, comtemporary design and its contoured shape makes it easy to carry around and to use on any flat surface
  • Speaker volume automatically adjusts for background noise with it’s digital signal processing (DSP) technology
  • No installaton required – just a dedicated pairing button that connects you to your Bluetooth mobile phone
  • Up to 20 hours talk time and 480 hours standby time
  • Includes pivoting microphone, digital volume wheel and mute button

 SP 500.pdf 368k

BT 800

The Jabra BT 800 is the most advanced Bluetooth headset that is the first to combine DSP, visual display, ring tones, and call vibrate alert.

  • Up to 6 hours of talk time, 125 hours standby time
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology provides effective noise cancellation and automatic volume control
  • LED control for switching blue backlit display on and off. Display is 21 x 64 pixels
  • 5 different ring tones and vibrating call alert
  • Charging from AC power adapter, car charger or PC via USB cable

(to enable this feature an optional HL10 lifter must be purchased).

 BT800.pdf 205k

BT 250

The Jabra BT 250 has a vibrating call alert feature that makes it a unique Bluetooth headset.

  • Up to 7 hours of talk time, 200 hours standby time
  • The soft elastomer body and contoured shape allows it to fit securely behind your ear
  • The sound-absorbing material reduces distortions, the unidirectional microphone amplifies your voice and reduces background noise, and the patented Jabra MiniGel channels sound directly into your ear
  • Be up to 30 feet away from your mobile phone and still use the features like call transfer, last number redial, adjusting the volume, voice dialing and answer/hang up calls with a press of a button

 BT 250.pdf 152k

GN 6210

The GN Netcom 6210 Bluetooth headset an be be used with both your Bluetooth mobile phone and your office desk phone.

  • Roam up to 33 feet from the base unit/charger that is attached to your desk set
  • Uses advanced encryption and frequency-hopping to keep your conversations secure
  • Unique, discreet, behind-the-ear style
  • Up to 8 hours talk time
  • GN Link technology allows you to seamlessly switch between your office phone and your Bluetooth-ready mobile phone

 GN 6210.pdf 169k